Eating Healthy On A Fried Chicken Restaurant

Eating Healthy On A Fried Chicken Restaurant

Eating out and your friends want to eat at the local fried chicken restaurant. You’re a healthy eater, but want to go along for a good conversation. Is it possible to eat healthy at a chicken restaurant when you’re confronted with an unhealthy choice of fried food? Here are some tips that will let you go with your friends without blowing your diet

Not Cheap Chicken Fried.
Can not resist the smell of fried chicken? You may still be able to enjoy this feature menu without undermining a healthy eating plan. Many fried chicken restaurants such as Kentucky Fried Chicken provide a barbecue chicken sandwich. Because the chicken is not fried, it’s much lower in calories and fat than is the signature version with high calorie breading. The barbecue sauce can be a little high in sugar, but generally it is a healthy choice as long as you do not follow a low carb diet. Another option is to request a unfried, skinless chicken breast. Get barbecue sauce on the side and you can make your own barbecue grilled chicken breast. Be sure to stay away from all chicken Entra © e described as “crazy” or “extra-crispy”.

Go for Sides.

Most fried chicken restaurants offer at least a few healthy side items. Some good options are green beans, seasoned rice or corn on the cob without butter. These are regular menu items offered by Kentucky Fried Chicken. Most chicken restaurants also offer cole slaw, but this may not be a good choice if it is soaked in mayonnaise. Ask to see a sample before ordering. Of course you should stay away from french fries and potato wedges if you focus on healthy eating.

Consider a Salad.

Most fried chicken restaurants offer salads. Stick to the basic garden salad or a salad with grilled chicken strips. Pray for light dressing on the side and use it sparingly. Do not like the low calorie dressing choices? Try using a few splashes of lemon juice and a little low calorie sweetener as an alternative to high fat salad dressings. Avoid salads with fried chicken strips or nuggets and Caesar salad which tend to be high in calories and fat.

If you plan to go to one of the fried chicken restaurant franchises such as Kentucky Fried Chicken, Bojangles, or Popeye’s, check out their website before you go. All three sites offer nutritional information so you can see schedule meal before you go. KFC also has an interactive website that allows you to select items and get a total calorie count. By planning ahead, you will be less likely to make bad choices when you arrive, so you can enjoy the experience completely clear conscience.

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