How To Determine A Percentage Of Weight Loss

How To Determine A Percentage Of Weight Loss

Did you follow a weight loss plan? Have you recently lost a lot of weight? Any person who has ever been on a diet knows British how much they have lost. But you know what percent of your body weight you lost? Only 10% weight loss is making significant changes to the way you look and feel. Then follow these steps to calculate your share of weight loss
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First you must know your starting weight. For this example, say your starting weight was 250 pounds.

Now you must know your current weight. Let’s say your current weight is 190 pounds.

Now take off weight (250) and subtract your current weight (190). 250-190 = 60. That means you’ve lost 60 pounds!

Please answer from Step 3 (60) and divide that number by your starting weight (250). 60 divided by 250 equals 24.

The answer to Step 4 was 24. That means your share of weight loss is 24%!
Set goals for yourself to focus on the percentage of weight loss. First goal is to lose 10% of body weight. By tracking the percentage of weight loss you can set goals and work towards them. Sometimes focusing on the percentage you’ve lost can be an encouragement to continue the weight loss journey.

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