How To Lose Weight: 5 Easy Ways

How To Lose Weight: 5 Easy Ways

Looking for easy ways to lose weight? Here are five ways to shed pounds with minimal time, money and effort. It may sound too good to be true, but it is not. Dismissing the idea that losing weight is miserable and difficult. It may be simple, free and dare I say. . . funny

Master the art of multitasking. One of the top reasons people give for not exercising is not having enough time. The truth is that we all have enough time (1440 minutes every day) to exercise. But if you do not think you have enough so you do not. So, finding ways to combine exercise with other things you like to do or have to do waiting for the kids to finish practice their sport or watching your favorite show. Take your laptop on the exercise bike and see some free internet TV. How’s that for easy weight loss?

Make new friends. Seek out employees or others who are regularly active. Then make your social event a fitness event. They will not invite you out for ice cream, they will ask you to join them for a walk instead. It’s easy because you came to be socializing with someone anyway.

Keep a bottle of water with you at all times. Hold on to your car, in your backpack, at your desk, and beside your bed. Do not let your brain think it is hungry when there is only thirst (yes, the brain does). This weight loss method is simple because you reduce calories without noticing.

Get nuts. Literally, eating peanuts or cashews or whatever you like. These are non-perishable which means you can keep a supply with you at all times in your purse or car. Protein keeps blood sugar regulated and salt make you want water. The water keeps you full and, well. . . you get the point.

Eat more. Losing weight does not get simpler than that. The more you eat, the more you can stoke your metabolism furnace. Celebrate that fact and give yourself permission to eat more often.

Tips and Warnings

Learn to love and adopt the thing they call “lifestyle change”. It is the difference between simple weight loss and dreaded, failed diets and deprivation.

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