How To Drink Water Every Day

How To Drink Water Every Day

Water is very good for you. It keeps you hydrated and your body needs a lot of it to stay healthy and energized. Many people still have problems with not drinking enough water every day. There are even some who just drink soda like Sprite more than water. The truth is, that is not very good for you because it is high in calories. These are some tips on drinking more water every day. Read on

The amount of water a person should drink is very dependent on where the weight. However, the basic average for this about 8 glasses of water 8 grams. That’s about 2 liters of water every day to get the amount a person needs.

If you are looking for most of the day you need to carry a water bottle with you. This will remind you and keep you hydrated.

When ever you have to sit for long periods of time (perhaps an office job or a class seminar) has a cup or bottle with you. Drink out of it at least every 20 minutes.

If you are tired of drinking, try to put a lemon or lime in it to get a little taste. It may not be the best choice for the flavored water from a store because they put additives that are unhealthy.

You can also eat foods that contain lots of water. Watermelon, cranberry is, and grapes are good.
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