How To Live Healthier By Drinking More Water

How To Live Healthier By Drinking More Water

People have been told time and again that a key to achieving optimal health is to drink eight glasses of water (or more) daily. Eight glasses of H20 combined with a proper balanced diet can help people lose weight, stay in shape and feel healthy. But many individuals have several drawbacks when it comes to imbibing the seemingly unrealistic amount of water: it does not taste “good” and can be very boring to drink. Many new products have been recently introduced to consumers who are accustomed to the taste of “boring” drink as well as adding valuable nutrients. These products can be used at home or on the go, something that can only help water-avoiding individuals to reach that eight-glasses-a-day target
You need:. .
Bottled water or filtered water
Flavor packs.
Variety of fruits and berries.
Ice Cube Tray.

Do you find yourself going over to the vending machine to buy a sugary soda pop or cola drink while you work? It’s time to cut soda habit and work to drink, and enjoying, nice and refreshing H20.

Determine what flavors you prefer. Like citrus, berries, sweet or lightly flavored? Try a test to find out what you like best by buying single-serve packs sold right next to bottled water.

Go to your local grocery store, convenience store, chain or discount merchandiser and go to drink or baking aisle. There are new views of “singles” packages produced by companies such as Gatorade, Crystal Light, True Lemon / Lime / Orange, Wyler, Kool-Aid, South Beach and other popular drink mix brands. There are also products that Zip Fizz providing water with carbonation that you may require when cutting soda out of your diet.

Pour the singles package into an individual-sized bottled water. Put on the lid and shake vigorously for about 15 seconds
There are alternatives to the pre-packaged water-flavor powder :. . The most basic and natural of these are fresh fruits and berries! Drop in your favorite berries, to dice up tropical fruit or squeeze in some fresh citrus liven up your water.
You can also create your own berries or fruit-infused ice cubes. When you create cubes squeeze in juice or place berries inside the ice-cube tray before freezing. Berries are full of antioxidants and citrus are full of vitamin C, and this will help to make the water taste better and not least help you on the road to becoming more healthy
Alternate between. . flavored water, water with juice and plain water 4-5 times per day, and you will be able to drink 8 servings without getting bored.

Tips and Warnings

It can be difficult to cut out soda quickly, so try replacing every other soft drinks with flavored water
Hold a case of water next to the desk at work so you are not tempted to get up and go to the vending machine
Try different flavors and brands-they can not all work for you, but you can find a favorite that will help you kick the soda habit
Drink plenty of water while maintaining a balanced diet
Water imbibed in too large amount in a short time can be dangerous

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